By Meg Korzon

Handcrafted Art & Paper Goods


Meet The Artist

Hi! I'm Meg.

I’m an artist traveling place to place with my amazing husband Tom, who proudly serves in the U.S. Army, our sweet little girl, Piper Jane and our furry best friend, Huckleberry. I find inspiration in every new place I get to call home through our adventures in the military life. Watercolor, line, and pencil art are my passions, and I fill my days with design and creative work.

I have spent all of my years creating. When I was little, I drew my Dad his 44th birthday cake on our dining room wall (my intentions were good!), crafted tiny sculptures of dogs out of paper clips, and made homemade Christmas cards for my Grandfather. Throughout my educational years, I enrolled myself in every art course available to me and fell in love with watercolor, line, and pencil. I attended college at West Chester University in Pennsylvania and majored in Public Relations and Marketing with a minor in Graphic Art. I largely credit my educational background, blending marketing with design, in providing me with a firm foundation for my business.

In recent years, I've continued to create for my friends and family. I’ve painted personalized nursery decor for dear friends, hand-lettered and designed signs and paper goods for loved ones’ weddings, and gifted my art to friends and family for their special moments as well as their difficult ones. Art has always been my way of expressing my support for the people closest to me.

Since my husband serves in the military, we have moved five times in five short years. In 2017, we found ourselves in San Antonio, Texas for one short year. During this time, I realized my calling. I started creating more and more each day and, while I’ve always loved watercolor and pen, I became even more enamored with the design process and both mediums—the thick paper, the unpredictable washes and layering of the paint, and the small, clean work space maintained during the process. (I'm a bit of a clean freak). It was at this time I decided to turn my passion into a business and to create custom pieces and prints for you.

I'm so excited to start By Meg Korzon. Each day I create things that I love and that inspire me, and I hope they inspire you too. I want my pieces to fill the walls of your home and remind you of the things you love and hold dear.

 It was so nice chatting and thank you for joining me on this new and exciting adventure!